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Natures Alchemy

Heel & Feet Softening Set

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Step into softness with our Heel & Feet Gift Set, for feet as smooth and refreshed as a walk on the beach.

Our Heel & Feet Softening Set includes 1 x 40ml Heel & Feet Balm, 1 x Pumice Backed Brush & 1 pair of luxurious cotton blend treatment socks.

Heel & Feet Balm:
Lynn, from Natures Alchemy, originally set out to make this ointment for her son who insists on having bare feet outside or wearing shoes when wellies are needed. Wet grass, puddles, rivers it didn’t matter. His poor feet were in shreds from being wet and exposed. . . Think hobbits! The Yarrow (which can be found growing wild naturally at her home in West Waterford) soothes the broken skin while the Plantain repairs. Tamanu oil speeds up the whole healing process. The beautiful cocoa butter then moisturises and that moisture is locked in by the beeswax. What an amazing natural collaboration.

This product has a CSPR (Cosmetic Safety Product Report) from Cosmetic Safety Assessment.

40ml recyclable tin.

Made in Co Waterford, Ireland.

Pumice Backed Brush:
Keep your skin feeling radiant even in the cold weather with our wholesale Pumice Backed Brush.

All year round skin needs exfoliating but especially in the winter as it is when skin is the driest and with our brush you can get that clean luxurious feeling and keep your skin feeling soft to the touch. 

Treatment Socks:
Let the nourishing balm do its magic while you snooze away.