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Cedar Vitae

Blossom Botanical 5 Pack Wax Melt

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Cedar Vitae’s set of 5 wax melts come in a drawstring bag which contains both 2 large and 3 small wax melts

Inhale the scent of Blossom which has a warm scent and a kick of a sweet citrus aroma. The scent helps to bring comfort, tranquillity and joy, Blossom is best used when you are journaling, meditating and having a relaxing bath.
Place one of your four Blossom wax melts into your wax burner, allowing a full melt pool to be achieved and let the scent to embrace you.

Burn Time:
Approx 8+hrs for the large circle botanical wax melts

Approx 3hrs for the flower wax melts

Melt time may vary, depending on tea light, wax burner and how well ventilated the room is

Please take note that Cedar Vitae’s natural dried botanicals may discolour when the wax melt is burnt

100% Pure Essential Oils:
Sweet Orange: Derived from Asia, Sweet orange has a beautiful, sweet and fruity scent which helps to lift your mood.

Cinnamon leaf: Derived from Asia, Cinnamon has a warm, earthy and sweet aroma which aids calmness.

100% Natural Wax:
The wax melts are made from Rapeseed wax which is sustainable and nontoxic to you and the environment. The oil which is produced from the Rapeseed flower is used to make the wax. These flowers are grown in Europe and the UK.

Eco Friendly Packaging:
All packaging used, from the: cotton bag, the labels and stickers, to the shipping box, tape and the packing chips are either: recyclable, reusable and/or biodegradable

How to use the product:
Simply place a wax melt (if you have a small wax burner, cut the wax melt in half, to stop over spillage) into your oil/wax burner and burn your tea light. Allow the wax to melt and achieve a full melt pool as this will ensure that the best fragrance throw to be achieved. Let the natural aroma of the essential oils to fill the room. Once you have extinguished the tea light flame, allow the wax to solidify. The same wax melt can be reused until no scent is released, once it is finished, you can apply pressure to the solid wax melt and it should pop out, if not, gently scoop the solid wax out with a spoon and discard it.